Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

Giveaway Day

Today it`s Giveaway Day!
So jump over to Sew Mama Sew and check it out.
And this is what I`ve got for you:

I`d like to know, how you came to sewing. What was the moment when you knew that you`d like to create something by your own. Had there been any fabric or any object you saw and you knew, when I`m not going to do this I`ll never be happy again, I`ll die, I`ll cry for days and days and days... How or when did you got the Virus???

This is my story:
One day, I did some shopping near by and discovered a cute little shop. When I went in my heart started bumping. Wonderful fabrics and stuff all over the shop. Little handmade things, bags, pouches, bookcovers, quilts for babies, clothing and toys and and and. And all in a style I never saw before.
The owner of the shop must have been in the USA, because she offered so many american designers like Amy Butler, Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman and so on (you know, most of german fabric stores do not have any of them. They sell what I call boring old-fashioned patchwork fabrics). So I immediately had been infected and I knew I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!
Even this shop owner, Diana, also offered classes. One of it was an evening class where you could sew a bag. This is what I did. So this pretty small bag was the very first thing I sewed 2 and a half years ago:

As I know now it had been a pattern by Amy Butler.
After that it took 3 months sewing on my old machine til I bought a small modern one. And from that on I`m sewing. Sometimes every day. It makes me happy and it makes me forgetting everything around me.
Bags in all variations are still one of my favourite objects.
Since some months I`m also interested in sewing modern quilts.

My Giveaway for you is not a bag and not a quilt, it`s something completely different. It`s one of my first things I sewed . It`s this lovely angel (Christmas-Time!!) designed and sewed with fabric by Tilda:

So if you like to win this angel please leave a comment and tell me your becoming-a-sewing-woman-or-man-story.
This Giveaway is open til December 16th 5pm PST. I`m going to choose a winner on Sunday, December 18th.
Everyone is invited to participate (I send the Giveaway internationally). I`d be glad to hear your story!

So Ihr Lieben,
heute das Ganze auf Deutsch mal nach dem Englischen...
Ich denke, die meisten von Euch können genug Englisch, um verstanden zu haben, worum es geht.
Sew Mama Sew veranstaltet heute einen großen Giveaway-Day.
Ich verschenke einen meiner Tilda Engel.
Ich möchte gerne von Euch wissen, wie Ihr zum Nähen gekommen seid. Gab es einen bestimmten Moment, irgendeine Sache, einen Stoff, den Ihr gesehen habt und Ihr wusstet, das muss ich auch machen? Wie seid Ihr süchtig geworden?
Bitte hinterlasst mir einen Kommentar und erzählt Eure Geschichte, auf Deutsch oder Englisch.
Ihr habt bis zum 16. Dezember Zeit. Am Sonntag, den 18. Dezember wähle ich den Gewinner/die Gewinnerin aus.
Ich freu mich riesig auf Eure Geschichten!



  1. The angle is gorgeous! I began sewing just over a year ago, having suffered from PND for a while I needed something to focus on, which had no pressure but would have an end result to focus on. Sewing has been an amazing therapy for me!

  2. What a pretty angel. I got started sewing when I was about 6 and started with cross-stitch. Most recently I have gotten into quilting and love it! :) Thanks for the chance to win. :)

  3. Your angel is very pretty. I started sewing as a teenager when my aunt taught me to sew clothes. She had sewed me many things as a child and then taught me.

  4. Oh wow - your angel is gorgeous. You are very talented :)

    I started sewing about a year ago. I grew up at my mother's feet while she sewed up all kinds of things for us. Clothes, doll's clothes, toys... She taught me some basic sewing and growing up I sewed on my own buttons :) I always knew I wanted to do that in my own home with my children as well, but a new sewing machine is a luxury at this stage of the game. Then, one day, I saw an old Elna Air Electronic at a charity store for R100 (US$12) and I knew it was fate. I grabbed that beaut and never looked back. I have sewn up gifts for loved ones, everyday things for myself and various nifty things for my hubby. I love my golden oldie :)

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a wonderful walk down memory lane.


  5. Your angel is just the sweetest. :o)
    I have dabbled in sewing most of my life, but it was not until a few years ago, that I learned quilting. :o) That has been such a delight in my life! :o)
    Have a lovely week.
    Sincerely, Trish

  6. I love the angel! So pretty!

    My grandma helped me to learn to sew. So thankful to her!


  7. I actually got started when I was a teenager. My grandma sewed, knitted, crocheted, etc. I was inspired by her. I took Home Ec in high school and really enjoyed it. Now I try to sew and create but time doesn't always allow for it.
    lisa.otis6 at gmail dot com

  8. Such a sweet doll. I started sewing as soon as I could thread a needle - loved to sew my greatgrans buttons on anything! But quilting came only 4 years ago.

  9. when I was at uni we had a 70's disco every month, my friend wanted a fake fur pink dress for the valentines disco so i hand stitched on - with no real sewing experience, I just bodged it together. Then the guy who ran the disco asked me to make costumes for the dancers so i ended up doing that every month.

  10. I love your angel! As for my becoming-a-sewing-woman story, well, in high school, I would have graduated with honors, except that I got an incomplete in sewing class. So traumatizing! But I did not let it stop me, and I plan on writing my own quilting book someday just to show my home economics teacher how wrong she was! (;

  11. I love the angel!
    I can't remember NOT sewing. My mother always sewed and she taught me when I was about 4 to hand-sew. I got a little play machine for Christmas when I was 8 and made bags and pillows and blankets for my dolls. Sewing has been a part of my life as long as I can recall.

  12. I love your angel! I started sewing when I was about 5 and that is when I taught my youngest daughter to sew too! I love sewing. Today I am working on a dress to donate to a little girl on the Angel Tree and a matching one for my youngest daughter.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  13. I love her dress. I started sewing as a child. As an adult my mom tried to interest me in quilting. I was a working mother and too tired but she kept on trying to entice me. One day several years ago, I went into a small quilt shop. By the front door was a stack of quilt tops for sale to benefit a charity. I was moved to tears by the quilts that I saw. I bought some fabric, started quilting in earnest and now I am hooked.

  14. Lovely Angel! I started sewing when I was just a girl and needed to make doll clothes. From there I made clothes for my kids and just never stopped!

  15. This is adorable. The first thing I sewed was a very simple bag from some scrap fabric my mom had laying around. I remember feeling so proud I created something with my own hands.

  16. I kind of knew how to sew from when I was young and in high school. But I really got into it in 2005 when I took maternity leave with my 2nd pregnancy. Now I own a t-shirt label and a refashion label...hahaha

    xo Steph

  17. What a beautiful angel.

    I've been sewing since I was a kid, and I do enjoy it. But the craft that really gets me going is spinning. I knew I wanted to learn how to do it before I had ever seen any one else doing it, and once I learned I found that it is exactly right for me. Now I have sheep of my own, and I love being able to create something totally from scratch - wool off the sheep to garment on my body.

  18. I started when I was a young girl then got into it again when I had my kids

  19. My 1st projects where turning old scraps that my Grandma gave me into clothes and quilts for my dolls. I think I was around 8 yrs old!

  20. I started sewing when I was about 8, but I crocheted more through my teens. I hit my 20's and bought my first sewing machine and I have been sewing ever since. Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  21. I don't know when. I think I always knitted and sewed. My mother was a knitter and she learned me how to do.

  22. Wahnsinn! Ich bewundere die Tilda-Püppchen schon sehr lange und beneide jeden um dieses Talent. Ein wirklich schönes giveaway hast du da gemacht!
    Ich hab in jüngeren Jahren sehr viel selber genäht (Hosen, Shirts, Dirndlkleider). Dann hat sich das Nähen nur auf Hilfestellung beschränkt, wenn meine Mädels für die Schule etwas nähen mussten, so Kleinigkeiten wie Taschen oder Kissen. Jetzt möchte ich gerne auch wieder anfangen zu nähen. Stoff hab ich mir schon bestellt und daraus möchte ich gerne eine Patchwork-Tasche nähen um meine Strickutensilien darin verstauen zu können. Hoffe das wird was!

  23. I started sewing as a child finding out that the only person who would make me handmade toys is me...

  24. i also started sewing as a child thanks to my amazing loving grand mother..she opened up so many creative doors for me and im eternally grateful :)

  25. I started sewing when I first got married at 21. I had always been interested in sewing, but had never tried it before that. We did not have a lot of money when we first got married, (we lived off of love), so we put a sewing machine on layaway. After it was paid off, I started small and taught myself to sew while my husband was at work and school. I have enjoyed learning new sewing techniques and have had many projects to be proud of, as well as quite a few to hid in the trashcan!

  26. i love the angel! i started sewing (terribly) as a young girl. once i stopped following patterns and decided to learn how to do things myself, i did better! i'd love to win this - thanks for the chance.

  27. Lovely, i got a machine when i was about 14 yo, but i have just recently started to really try and learn to sew and quilt...

    Julia c

  28. I love your angel. I started to sew as a very young girl. I wanted more clothes for my doll but I could not buy them so I would spend hours sewing new dresses for her.

  29. Such a cute angel! I LOVE making things so sewing was something that I wanted to try. Although I don't sew a ton, I really like it.

  30. Oh, you are lovely to part with such a beautiful angel! My love of sewing started very early in life. When I was about 8 yrs old, I remember accompanying my mother and sister to a wonderful fabric store and I spent an hour or so touching all the textures and marvelling over the beauty of the colors and prints. From that moment on I was hooked! I would rather browse through a fabric store than a mall any day!


  31. I watched my mom sew costumes for my dancing class recitals and matching outfits for me and my sisters. She was so talented! I wanted to sew, too, so I would make clothes for my dolls.

  32. Hallo Silke,
    mh schwer zu sagen. Ich hab schon immer Handarbeiten gemocht. Hat mir alles meine Oma beigebracht. Nähen kam allerdings erst später als meine Mutter eine Haushaltsnähmaschine gekauft hat. Und dann noch etwas später kam das Patchwork.

  33. My Mum & Gran were great craftswomen. My Nan could knit & crochet beautifully. My Mum did a few dressmaking courses when we were small and made me a few dresses, including my Holy Communion dress. They would try & introduce skills to me, but I would make a start & then they would usually have to finish it off. My Nan "borrowed" my Mum's old Bernina. When my Nan died, it came to me. It then sat in a cupboard for a few years till DH starting nagging me to get rid of it as I never used it. I then decided I "needed" new cushions (pillows) and after seeing all the appliqued designs in the shops, thought that I could do that myself. So i trotted off to a little quilting shop near by to get some supplies(we have very few places to buy fabric & supplies in the UK) I was then mesmerised by all the quilts on display and spotted a class list on the wall & signed up for a beginners quilting course. So 5 quilts later and a few kids gifts, there you have it. (although I am still cushion-less would you believe lol)

  34. Being pregnant really awoke the need to sew in me. I started sewing receiving blanket, fleece blankets and so on. I then started branching out and experimenting. Still learning a lot.

  35. I love your angel!
    I began sewing when I was about eight but it's only in the last ten years or so that I've been sewing a lot!

  36. Hallo Silke,

    ich habe als Kind schon für meine Puppen, die Kleider zusammen "geprümt" (so hat es meine Oma immer ausgedrückt;-)), später gefiel mir der Nadelunterricht/Texilkunde in der Schule sehr, und so kam eines zum anderen. Später begann ich meine Kleidung selbst zu nähen, da ich für mich ,(Moppelchen) nicht so recht etwas fand....und so habe ich es mir bis heute ausgebaut. Irgendwann während meiner Ausbildung zur Hauswirtschafts-Meisterin, kam Patchwork hinzu,(auch weil ich nicht mehr länger, die Stoffreste entsorgen, sondern etwas Neues daraus entstehen lassen wollte) ...Tjaa, so kam ich zum Nähen...;-)

    Liebe Grüße Klaudia

  37. Your angel is beautiful! I'm so glad you learned to sew! I have been sewing since I was a young girl, my mother taught me. Now I am teaching my daughters. I am a technical sewist - the creativity of my children delights me continually! Frohe Weihnachten!

  38. I do handstitching and cross stitch for the time being. I started very younge having learnt for my mum. I have an olf Singer sewing machine but I am collecting my gift money to buy a new machine.

  39. I started my passion to sewing when I'm looking for a new job last year, I accidentally bump to a sewing blog and I love it ever since.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. I'm 47 but I discovered sewing or at least that i love it quite recently. We moved to a house in the country which took a year to be built. During that time I kept having ideas of things I wanted in the new house and started looking for fabrics (it's the same in Portugal, it's very hard to find nice fabrics from American designers). And I bought a sewing machine and just started :)
    Love the angel, so sweet! Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  41. I fell in love with sewing thanks to my Grandmother, who taught me to embroider. She was always working on such pretty things. I taught myself to make children's clothing when I saw a very cute pattern for a complicated girl's dress and wanted to make it for my daughter. Thankfully I was too ignorant at the time to realize it was way beyond my skill level. I managed to make it and never knew I shouldn't have been able to :) I also have taught myself quilting, which is my latest passion. I love the internet for giving me so much help along the way!

  42. I began my sewing journey when I discovered patchwork and quilting (something quite new in Brazil). I love to sew by hand and now I also make clothdolls, which became a passion :)
    Your Tilda is adorable, thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Hi Silke,
    vielen Dank, der Engel ist super süß und ich verspreche, bei mir würde sie es gut haben ☺
    Ich nähe wirklich schon gaanz lang Patchwork ich weiss nicht genau wie ich dazu gekommen bin, ich habe als Kind keine Sendung der Serie "Unsere kleine Farm" und später "The medicine women" verpasst, ich glaube es hat damit angefangen...
    Liebe Grüße
    I like to QuiltBlog

  44. Hallo Silke,

    so ungefähr mit 13 habe ich mir eingebildet, ich müsse mir selbst eine Hose nähen. Warum weiß ich heute nicht mehr. Und auch nicht, warum ich dafür einen Stoff mit großen grünen und blauen Papageien genommen habe (ich hatte die Hose genau 1 mal an, dann gefiel sie mir nicht mehr, der Stoff war doch zu heftig!). Danach habe ich immer mal wieder sporadisch auf der Nähmaschine meiner Mutter genäht und dann irgendwann auch selbst eine alte Maschine von einer Tante geerbt. So richtig vom Nähvirus infiziert wurde ich aber erst 2009 als ich mir wieder mal etwas in den Kopf gesetzt habe: Ich wollte alle Weihnachtsgeschenke selbst machen. Naja, und seitdem bin ich süchtig.
    So einen tollen Engel wie deinen habe ich allerdings noch nicht genäht und würde ihn deshalb sehr gerne gewinnen.

    LG Elke

  45. My mother sewed a ton when I was younger. I took a few sewing lessons then too. I'm not into sewing so much, but I LOVE crafted items. My daughter wants to sew so I am going to have to start again and all these blogs are great tools for me to help her and we can go through together.

  46. Your angel doll is just beautiful! I've sewed for as long as I can remember! While my children were young, I made all of their clothes & items for our home. Then as they grew up & wanted to shop for store-bought, I moved into quilting & love it still.

  47. I love your doll.
    Your story is sweet.
    I started sewing a very long time ago-- likely high school. I would sew a little and then wait a very long time and then sew something.
    Much like you, I found a local quilt shop --about 20 years ago and now I keep trying to find more time to make all of the quilts on my list.

  48. thank you for the lovely angel giveaway - she is beautiful. my mother sewed and I remember being fascinated by her two big drawers in the laundry room full of fabric - I still love fabric

  49. I can't remember not sewing, but it wasn't much of a passion or hobby, just something you did. What changed for me was the first Christmas my husband and I were married our house and tree were bare. I had to work quickly and with almost no budget. With an armload of craft and sewing books from the library, my grandmother's old machine, and few dollars I decked out the house.

  50. I saw the expensive boutique clothing my friend was buying her daughter and decided to try sewing some myself. 4 years later, I love sewing! Thank you. mamalusco at ortelco dot net